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Castagnari Giordy

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The small diatonic accordion in the format of the Concertina (the small bandoneon), very light, only 1kg, you can take it everywhere in its vanity case, this small musical instrument of excellent quality offers an eye-catching and funny aesthetic.

Son clavier main droite correspond aux touches 4,5,6,7,8,9 et 3',4',5',6',7',8' d'un accordéon de taille moyenne à 2 rangs, 21 touches.

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Delivered with straps and cover. Guaranteed for 5 years. For other colours, please contact us.

Right hand rows 2
Number of keys 12
Right hand voice 1
Low 8
Right/left hand registers -/-
Blades Super Durall
Tone G/C
Dimensions 14 x 9.5cm
Weight 1 kg
*weight given as an indication by the manufacturer subject to variations according to the series, the wood, the finish, the options, etc...

¹ Metropolitan France